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A jelentkezési anyag tartalma:

  • Szakmai önéletrajz (max. 1 oldal)

  • Korábbi alkotásokat bemutató portfólió (max. 10 MB)

  • Motivációs levél és részletes munkaterv (amiben a pályázó ismerteti a tervezett műalkotás látványtervét, annak dimenzióit és anyagszükségletét, illetve kifejti a munkafolyamat fázisait) (max. 7000 karakter)

A nyertes pályázó vállalja, hogy a választott időszak teljes ideje alatt a kijelölt alkotótelepen tartózkodik, valamint az ott készült műalkotást a Hybridart Management gyűjteményének felajánlja.

Pályázható időpontok: 

  • Június 01-22.

  • Július 1-22.

  • Július 27 – augusztus 17.

  • Augusztus 30 – szeptember 20.

  • Szeptember 22 – október 13.



Second Life — Circular Living Concept



Graduated fine and industrial artists, art students, teachers, alumni, talented "self-made" artists.


Köveskál, Káli basin

Time period:

Season II.: March-May 2023, for a period of 2 weeks


Graduated fine and industrial artists, art students, teachers, alumni, talented "self-made" artists.


Köveskál, Káli basin

Time period:

Season II.: March-May 2023, for a period of 2 weeks

Circular Living Concept (CLC) is an awareness-raising project of Széchenyi István University with a focus on sustainability, recycling and art design, implemented in Győr-Moson-Sopron county of Hungary, with the cooperation of HybridCycle and Hybridart Management among others. Its aim is to show as widely as possible the possibilities of a more sustainable life, of circular economy and of values inherent in recyclable waste.


During the project, selective waste will be collected at more than 150 locations of the county, which will be reused later on at workshops, creative camps, design and art projects, as well as an art residency program. The waste collected will be used as the main material for small utility objects, spectacular public installations or even for works of art in an exhibition space.


In the summer of 2021, HybridCycle, together with Hybridart Management, has already launched its residency program in the prominent area of ​​the Veszprém-Balaton region, the Káli Basin with the picturesque towns of Mindszentkálla and Köveskál, thus helping the international mobility of local and foreign talents. The choice of location for the residency program was not accidental: the mountains and valleys of the Káli basin and the quiet retreat create an inspiring environment for creation.


This year, the Széchenyi István University of Győr also chose the area of Balaton as the location of its art residency program, offering artists a new and exciting opportunity: given CLC's selective collection campaign, participants can give a new chance to the selective waste and discover opportunities of a SECOND LIFE with the diverse toolkit of sustainable art.


During the residency program, the selected applicants will not only get to know one of Hungary’s outstanding natural landscapes, but will also have the opportunity to create a project focused on sustainability and recycling, by reusing and redesigning the waste collected in Győr-Moson-Sopron county. The final installations and works of art will be presented in galleries and pop-up exhibition spaces in Győr, Budapest and Mindszentkálla, among others. The artists participating in the program will receive a HUF 250,000 scholarship each.


In the second season of the program (March-May 2023), we will make the creative centre available to a total of 5 artists for 2-week periods for their sustainability and waste-focused creative activities. The purpose of the residency is primarily to explore the connection and the borderlines between recycling and art, and to encourage and support creation in the field of trash art.


For the 2022 residency program, we are looking for artists who will reflect on the issues of waste and recycling in a unique, creative way with creating their own concept under the slogan of Second Life. 


The life of an average person is full of new beginnings, planning, dreams and visions of the future, and our personal changes are also a reflection of the continuous changes in the world, the planet, and our environment. We can respond to environmental problems by taking action: we can live a waste-free life, collect garbage selectively, and learn about recycling techniques. The waste collected in the county of Győr-Moson-Sopron is given a new chance as a raw material in form of artworks, but the new life can also appear in a more complex way, giving space to different philosophical, biological or even personal interpretations in the artworks. Our goal is for the participants to learn about the potential of waste and to show in their specific artistic concept what Second Life means to them.


During the selection process, in addition to Hungarian artists, we also pay a special attention to international collaborations, artists and to representatives of foreign institutions. We welcome applications from graduated visual and industrial artists, active students, teachers of art universities, alumni members, as well as talented "self-made" artists.

The value proposition of the art residency program:

  • Scholarship: HUF 250,000

  • Raw material costs: max. HUF 200,000

  • Travel expenses: max. HUF 25,000

  • Accommodation

  • Meals 2 times a day

  • Creative space in the immediate vicinity of the accommodation

  • Up to 2 mentorship occasions during the residency period

  • Possibility to present new works created during the residency program at the group exhibitions or at our exhibitions in the future.

  • Introduction opportunities for the creator online (social media, news sites, website) and offline (related press events, events, exhibition openings).




Application material:

  • Professional CV + motivation letter

  • Portfolio presenting previous works (max. 10 MB)

  • Concept and work plan, in which the applicant describes the planned artwork and, if possible, its dimensions and material requirements, as well as the phases of the work process. (max. 7000 characters)

  • Preferred period of stay

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